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Master in Business Innovation – MBI

Tipo: Máster | Modalidad: Presencial | Precio: 23800 | masters empresas, masters tecnologia

El Master MBI- Master in Business Innovation es presencial y se imparte en Madrid y País Vasco. 10 reasons for choosing the MBI -Allow yourself […]


El Master MBI- Master in Business Innovation es presencial y se imparte en Madrid y País Vasco.

10 reasons for choosing the MBI
-Allow yourself the time and space to integrate the latest practice and thinking into your own professional context as you complete the different modules of the Programme.
-Participate in a programme that puts international benchmarking at the core, with seven modules taught in five European cities.
-Be part of a unique modular Master programme designed to suit your needs in advancing your personal and professional development as an innovation leader while you work.
-As an initiative of Deusto Business School in collaboration with internationally recognised centers of excellence, such as Cambridge Judge Business School (the University of Cambridge), you will be able to experience the world’s leading destination for venture capital investment after Silicon Valley.
-Benefit from a constantly up-dated programme, where each subject is taught in accordance with the key issues currently in the field and where innovation is treated in a thorough comprehensive way within the reality of a company.
-Receive the benefits of a programme taught by international experts, carefully selected for their world-class expertise.
-Another unique feature of the MBI is that it allows you to develop you own innovation project as an entrepreneur, or an innovation project for your company. Do it throughout the programme, with the tutoring and coaching you need.
-Enhance your organisation’s competitive edge by deepening your understanding of the complexities behind the organisation and management of innovation processes.
-Strengthen your network and benefit from the regional, national and international links of key experts and Programme participants.
-Meet, work and learn with fellow participants in a cross-cultural environment.
Deusto Business School, University of Deusto
Deusto Business School is the business school of the University of Deusto, where current and future executives explore new ideas and proposals to address global change, focusing particularly on sustainable innovation. The school has a Board of Governors comprised of leading members of Spain´s economic and business communities. Likewise a professional network of nearly 100 companies and more than 300 professionals working together in training and development. The University has international ties with 60 different countries and each year attracts over 700 students from around the world. Deusto is renowned for its research activity, with 700 researchers workingon 150 projects each academic year through the University’s schools and specific institutes. Altogether, Deusto has over 10.000 students enrolled in more than 25 degree courses and 100 postgraduate courses.

Cambridge Judge BusinessSchool, the University of Cambridge
As part of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education inspires, educates and engages the leaders of today and tomorrow. Cambridge Judge Business School enjoys a leading cultural position in technological innovation. It is situated in the most vibrant, entrepreneurial community in Europe, and it is linked to Cambridge Enterprise, set up by the University to foster entrepreneurship and the establishment of spin-out companies. The School´s world class faculty of over 50 members represents all continents and whose research interests span the globe and the full spectrum of business issues. Many are leaders in their fields directing cutting-edge research, consulting for top business and advising governments.

Course Fees
EUR 23.800
Non refundable application fee of EUR 100 to cover administrative costs. Fees include tuition, learning materials, lunch served during the modules, accommodation during the modules in Florence and Cambridge. It does not include travelling costs

Fees are payable as follows:
-10% on reservation of the place
-50% March 2013
-40% September 2013

Favourable financial conditions apply to:
-Deusto Alumni (10% of the Programme fee)
     Early bird registration
-10% if registered 4 months before the start of the Programme
     5% if registered 2 months before the start of the Programme
-Organisations sponsoring more than one participant in a given intake.

Calendar The MBI calendar comprises 7 intensive one-week modules, including 2 international modules.
For executives willing to take an innovation-based approach In a time of unprecedented change, the MBI fosters new ways of thinking that will make a difference in achieving visions, objectives and goals on both a professional and personal level. The Programme is designed for executives who are interested in: -Creating new markets -Adopting new business models -Understanding the role of technology in helping them achieve their business aims -Identifying new customer and end users segments -Developing new products and services -Designing and rolling out new processes -Leveraging an organisational mindset that fosters business innovation. Participants on the MBI include: -Experienced managers, responsible for developing or implementing strategic decision making at both business unit and company level. -Entrepreneurs and company owners. -Advisors and management consultants, seeking to develop their skills in managing and promoting innovation. -Other professionals in the private or public sector working or considering roles with an element of business innovation.
In order to be considered for the Programme, candidates must be able to demonstrate the following: -Professional Experience: Candidates will have at least five years professional experience in positions of responsibility. -Academic Record: A University degree from a recognised institution of higher education. -English Proficiency: Ability to participate effectively in a programme conducted in English. -English Test: In order to evaluate the candidate´s level of English, a recently completed official test (TOEFL;  Cambridge, TOEIC or IELTS) or justify a working knowledge of the English language. Depending on the evidence presented, the process may include an internal language test conducted by the University of Deusto.       admission procedure Submission of the required documents -Review and assessment of the above by the Admissions Committee. -An application for admission may be rejected during this stage of the evaluation process. If the application is accepted, the admission procedure continues. -A personal interview in English by the Admissions Director. -Candidacy evaluation by the Admissions Committee -Final acceptance
The environment that businesses have to face these days is far more complex and uncertain than in the past. Rather than a time of changes, we believe we are witnessing a change of times. New value chains constantly emerge, from both within and outside of currently existing companies, and they are driven by processes of innovation. Hence, innovation has become a pressing need for the competitive and successful company of the 21st century. The MBI is specifically designed to help you and your organisation: -Promote the search for new business opportunities -Improve the development, implementation and commercialization of strategic ideas -Create a culture that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship within organizations -Facilitate the integration of I+D+i activities and production/final service activities -Innovation in Practice through the Applied Innovation Project -Develop yourself as a leader to transform the organisation´s ability to innovate
The Approach to Observation Business Innovation needs deep strategic analysis (Observation) to understand the external environment at all levels (Macro, industry, micro, innovation systems), the internal situation of the company (resources, skills, potential and value) and foresight, road mapping and scenario analysis to forecast market threats and opportunities. The Approach to Creation Together with the use of traditional strategic options to maintain and develop the company (internationalisation, acquisitions etc.), we propose developing specific solutions to solve problems, attain opportunities and challenges by developing an open environment, using design thinking methodologies and nurturing an intra/entrepreneurial spirit. The Approach to Execution To successfully implement business innovation, managers and leaders need to achieve high levels of employee engagement among their workforce, foster a learning organisation where people can develop their skills with a passion for their contribution to the goals of the company. Orchestrating the different departments and functions is also fundamental to keep them aligned with corporate strategy and finally, managing innovation by constantly adjusting all the drivers that create an innovative organisation will lead to sustainable competitiveness.   Module 1-Strategic Analysis for Innovation Understand the key concepts and techniques to shape companies' innovation strategy. Module 2-Innovation Management Identify the key stages, methods and critical elements of innovation processes and routines Module 3-Leadership for innovation Learn from history how to lead yourself and your organization going forward Module 4-Open Innovation and Innovation Systems The key concepts to understand open innovation and innovation systems Module 5-Building the Innovative Organisation The alignment of the key functional areas to facilitate innovation Module 6-Leveraging Innovation: Intra/entrepreneurship The role of innovation in the entrepreneurial process and in firm creation Module 7-Global Innovation Hot Spots Learn about distinctive innovation models from around the globe – where do you see your organization next? BUSINESS INNOVATION PROJECT - INNOVATION IN PRACTICE What is the objective of the Business Innovation Project? Throughout the MBI programme, participants will develop an individual applied project relevant to each participant´s organisation or personal interest based on cutting-edge issues in the field of business innovation, with the support of experienced tutors. The development of this project is an integrative learning experience that ties together all of the various threads of the Programme and facilitates their real world application. In general, the project is designed to be: -Relevant for the participant and, for participants with a corporate affiliation, the organisation -Based on cutting-edge issues in the field of business innovation in your company or start-up -With real world application, having immediate managerial/business implications What are the outcomes and benefits of the Projects? The Business Innovation Project may cover any aspect of business innovation in any business, industrial, public sector or third sector organization, anywhere in the word. Some examples of the outcomes of recent projects have included, amongst others: the design and development of a methodology and tool to manage knowledge within and outside an industrial firm; the transformation of a financial entity management model into a process based management model. What participants say about the Business Innovation Project? The view from participants is that the value of the Individual Innovation Project for them and their companies is formidable because they are able to learn business innovation in practice recognizing an opportunity, problem or challenge, developing the project and creating value. What are some of the topics from the MBI programme applied to the project? The MBI participants are generally interested in creating value by building innovative business and promoting effective innovation practices. Some participants will consider more external oriented projects with the focus on business innovation, while other participants will focus on more internally oriented projects with the focus on managing innovation. Main areas of business innovation from which to select the project: -Strategic innovation -New product / service development -Innovative culture/ organisational change -Business model design -Innovation Process Management -Entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship -Speed up market commercialisation -Identify innovation opportunities in the value chain -Knowledge management inside and outside the company -Developing and validating innovation projects related to the organization What´s the Individual Development Programme? The Masters offers the possibility to take part in individual sessions with an executive coach, to work through the participant´s skills and capabilities in order to improve their own professional development and effectiveness. In particular, the sessions can help you: -Develop self awareness on what you are capable of achieving and where you need to make changes and improvements -Keep you focused when facing challenges and difficulties -Identify and maximise your business ideas and opportunities
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