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BSc Programme in Global Business with Specialisations in: Entrepreneurship or Organisational Leadership

Tipo: Licenciatura | Modalidad: Presencial | Precio: Consultar | carreras empresariales

BSc Programme in Global Business (Hons) with Specialisations in: Entrepreneurship or Organisational Leadership BSc (Hons) Global Business 4 Year Course In the 21st century world […]


BSc Programme in Global Business (Hons) with Specialisations in: Entrepreneurship or Organisational Leadership

BSc (Hons) Global Business
4 Year Course

In the 21st century world of international business and enterprise, change and challenge are rapid and constant. Globalisation is, in fact changing who we are and how we live and work. The Bachelor of Science in Global Business explores the realities and opportunities associated with business in a global context.

A Revolutionary Approach to Education
To succeed students will need to possess a global perspective, a unique philosophical outlook and an understanding of a broad range of contemporary issues to achieve personal and professional success. Success however, comes not only from business knowledge but also from personal self-awareness, knowledge, determination, a spirit of integrity and a desire to make one’s own ideas and dreams come true. ESE approaches the education of business leaders differently. First we engage students with a wide range of ideas and concepts requiring thinking and reflection. Then we deliver the skills, tools and judgment students need to succeed.

The progamme’s core modules cover strategy, economics, history, culture, innovation, philosophy and politics. Students can personalize their degree through specialization in organizational leadership or entrepreneurship.

The Organizational Leadership specialization encompasses principles of leadership that are relevant in a variety of settings. The knowledge and skills required for successful organizational leadership are developed in a global context. Whether students are planning to work in the private or public sectors, these principles will help them understand how organizations can function more effectively. The programme will provide a framework for understanding how organizations work and how they can be developed and changed.

Through the Entrepreneurship specialization students will be provided with the knowledge, skills and tools to enhance their development as an innovator. Entrepreneurial innovation requires a strong foundation in opportunity identification and evaluation, market research, team development, financing, valuation, due diligence and other areas essential to business development.

The organisations of the future

Man’s history is a journey of return to integrity; that state of certainty which is his birthright that he remembers as lost paradise.

In the near future every organisation, from the smallest company to the largest multinational, will be an ideological company, a school of being where men will seek to regain this lost state – its success and longevity will depend on its philosophy and even more on its founder.

At the top of every organisation there will be philosophers of action, poets, visionaries and pragmatic utopians, capable of penetrating to its core and its very foundation to nourish its roots. In them men will learn to transcend themselves, constantly eliminating every division, every shadow and every degradation.

Throughout the organs of those enterprises a chord that still binds all their cells will resonate and make them vibrate in unison.

The smallest widening of the vision, an elevation in comprehension, moves mountains in the world of economics and finance.

Our students will be giants in the world of economics – the global communicators of the future. Their ability to create wealth will be the effect of an inner state of responsibility.

The Education of the Individual
Message to Students

Beyond all that humanity has conquered, at the origin of every intuition, of every scientific achievement, there is always the dream of just one man. An individual. The European School of Economics believes that no political party, religion or philosophical system can transform society. Only the individual can do it.

External teachings are only a superficial part of the work of a School. Its real work is the elimination of every compromise, limit, fear and uncertainty that has been accumulated since childhood and which is the fruit of the old education. A true school does not presume to add anything to what they already possess within their being… It only needs to bring to light one’s own uniqueness, one’s originality, one’s own “dream”.

ESE dedicates particular care and attention to each and every student. Its educational system places the individual at the core of its activity. From day one, lecturers and tutors stimulate the student to self-discovery, to find out for what he was uniquely born. The achievement of this goal is the result of tailor-made programmes which combine academic excellence and pragmatism.

Over1,500 leading corporations throughout the world collaborate with the ESE to create one of the most effective internship programmes in Europe.

The excellence of the faculty, innovative programmes and international environment with students coming from over 60 nations, make the European School of Economics a cutting edge Business School with one of the highest student employment rates in Europe.

With centres and offices in two continents, ESE has created an academic space without borders by offering its students the opportunity to study and work in the world’s business capitals moving freely among the ESE centres in London, New York, Rome, Milan, Florence and Madrid.

ESE Centres
The high standards exemplified by our academic programmes are also reflected in our choice of ESE centre locations.

The European School of Economics’ centres are situated in some of the most beautiful settings that Europe and the United States have to offer. These include a Victorian building overlooking the gardens of London’s Buckingham Palace and a state-of-the-art facility in New York’s famous Trump Tower with a breathtaking view of Manhattan and classroom space at 42 Broadway in the heart of Wall Street; an ultra modern building in a desirable and sought after district of Milan; an amazing 19th century building with private gardens in the very heart of imperial Rome with an impressive view of the Caracalla Baths and close to the Colosseum; the Renaissance Palazzo Rosselli Del Turco in central Florence is just steps away from the Ponte Vecchio and in Madrid’s city centre the campus is a picturesque building located in the prestigious Velazquez street in the Barrio de Salamanca.

These settings complement the cosmopolitan atmosphere of our ESE centres and offer students a rich and stimulating environment in which to pursue their studies.

Accreditation Status

The European School of Economics (ESE) is a recognised Educational Institution, accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC).
ESE is a British College of Higher Education specialising in the delivery of Business and Management oriented degree courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

ESE is listed among the institutions delivering courses that lead to Degrees awarded by Recognised Bodies (The University of Buckingham).
ESE undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses are fully validated by the University of Buckingham (UK). All ESE students, no matter which centre they attend classes, are with the University of Buckingham and are awarded, a British degree, on completion of their studies.

Duración BSc Programme in Global Business with Specialisations in: Entrepreneurship or Organisational Leadership 4 Year Course
This programme is taught in English and have a standard 360-credit structure (i.e. 180 ECTS) and requires: - Compulsory Attendance - Internship - Final Dissertation or Business Project
Programme Rationale and Distinctive Features The European School of Economics exists to develop the international business leaders of the future. These individuals will be increasingly involved in the innovative areas of economic growth and expansion, areas in which an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership are of cardinal importance. ESE has a unique philosophy rooted in concepts of wholeness and integrity that are paramount in today’s world. This is why ESE offers a new programme in Global Business with emphases in Organizational Leadership and engage and support the leaders of the future.
Temario BSc Programme in Global Business with Specialisations in: Entrepreneurship or Organisational Leadership YEAR ONE -The Global Business Environment -Fundamentals of Business and Organisations -QBM Mathematics -QBM Statistics -Introduction to Micro Economics -Introduction to Macro Economics -Globalization and International Relations -Language -Internship I TOTAL YEAR 1: 100 CREDITS YEAR TWO -Integrity and Social Responsibility -Global History, Culture and Ideology -Research Methods for the Social Sciences -Cross-Cultural Communication and Management -Motivation and Team Work -Global Corporate Finance -International Project Management -Language -Internship II TOTAL YEAR 2: 100 CREDITS YEAR THREE -Internship III -Project -PLUS 4 Electives* TOTAL YEAR 3: 500 CREDITS YEAR FOUR -International Trade and Financial Markets -International Business Decision Making -Internship IV -Dissertation -Organisational Leadership Specialistion -Foundations in Leadership -Organisational Leadership -Integral Personal Development & Leadership -Organisational Communication -Entrpreneurship Specialisation -Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship -Development of Personal & Entrepreneurial Psychology -E-Business & E-Commerce for Entrepreneurs -Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management TOTAL YEAR 4: 110 CREDITS TOTAL CREDIT: 360 CREDITS
Temática: carreras empresariales. Etiquetas: Carrera ADE y Carrera ciencias empresariales. Tipo: Licenciatura. Modalidad: Presencial. País: España. Estado: Cursos cerrados.

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European School of Economics – ESE

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