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Master Marketing Management – English

Tipo: Máster | Modalidad: Presencial | Precio: 5100 | masters empresas, masters marketing

El Master Marketing Management (English) es presencial y se imparte en Barcelona. Se imparte en Inglés. Methodology · The methodology is based on active learning […]


El Master Marketing Management (English) es presencial y se imparte en Barcelona. Se imparte en Inglés.

· The methodology is based on active learning and ongoing practice. Effective and beneficial training comes as a direct result of being actively involved in the course.
· All members of the teaching staff are all leading professionals in their chosen field.

Dates & Timetable: ·Duration one academic year ·Start: Marzo 2015 ·Timetable: Monday and Wednesday 19:00-22:00 and Saturdays 9:00-14:00 Price: 5.100 euros.(possibility of financing)
· To provide the student the best tools, knowledge and abilities in order to succeed at an executive level in marketing management. · To show you how to make beneficial decisions for your company on an international level through an accurate analysis of the global market, strategic planning, market segmentation, as well as budget management. · To effectively teach you the ethical principles required of an executive in this field.
1. The Marketing Management in the company: organization. 2. Product Manager: policies design and implementation and Marketing Plan. 3. Products Strategy and Brand Positioning: globalization and decision making. Competitive Analysis. 4. Sales Forecasts: -Forenet- (System Specialized in Business Forecasts) Evaluation of the Innovative Products demand. Market Research. 5. Product quality, logistics and distribution. 6. Trade Fairs, Conventions and Congresses. 7. Customer Marketing: techniques to attract more customers and Customer Loyalty. Possible scenarios to enter the market. 8. Marketing in Industrial Companies and Service Companies. 9. Optimization of product margins. Price Policy. 10. Determining Global Commercial Budgets. Profits Maximization. 11. Strategic External Analysis: new markets, control of new distribution channels. 12. Analysis of the Consumer’s Behaviour. 13. Technological Innovation applied to Marketing. 14. Branding: managing the brand value. Strategy of brand portfolio. 15. Markets internationalization and globalization. 16. Application of Marketing 2.0 in the company. 17. Social Responsibility Marketing: strategies. 18. Balance Scorecard: strategies design for the business management. 19. Final Project: Strategic Business Plan.
Temática: masters empresas y masters marketing. Etiquetas: Máster comercio electronico, Máster comunicacion corporativa, Máster gestion comercial, Máster investigacion de mercados, Máster marketing, Máster marketing online, y Máster publicidad. Tipo: Máster. Modalidad: Presencial. País: España. Estado: Cursos cerrados.

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INSA, Business, Marketing & Communication School

INSA, Business, Marketing & Communication School

Paseo de Santa Eulália, 4 (08017 Barcelona) Barcelona Provincia: Barcelona. Localidad: Barcelona.
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