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Master in International Business

Tipo: Máster | Modalidad: Online | Precio: 5800 | masters empresas, masters internacional

The Master in International Business is Online. Globalisation has given rise to even more segmented and competitive markets than ever before, in which you are […]

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The Master in International Business is Online.

Globalisation has given rise to even more segmented and competitive markets than ever before, in which you are contending with companies and markets from totally different cultures. Therefore, companies and organisations that are operating internationally (or are in the process of doing so) are faced with two challenges:

Adapt their trade and sales management to for a more global and unstable environment.
Increase their internationalisation and positioning in foreign markets so as to expand business.

Becas y Ayudas
OBS is now offering candidates a Scholarship Programme with a view to encouraging continuous education of professionals, entrepreneurs and directors. To apply for one of these scholarships, which finance part of the programme, the candidates must be accepted onto the programme and comply with the specified requirements.

The Scholarship and Admissions Committee will take into account the suitability of the profile and the professional career of the candidates, the reasons given in the scholarship application letter and the professional and academic recommendations of the candidate.

Currently the following scholarships are on offer:

OBS Experience Scholarship
Objective: to advance continuous education of future professionals through OBS Methodology Online, which is registered as its own model of online education.

Requirements: candidates without previous experience in online education models and who meet the academic and curricular requirements of the programme in question.

Director Profile Scholarship
Objective: to advance managing skills in those candidates with extensive professional experience.

Requirements: scholarship for candidates with more than three years of professional experience in positions of responsibility, who wish to acquire management skills to further their professional career.

Online Business Management Scholarship
Objective: to promote the generation of companies founded on the Internet, as well as the creation of new business models based on the network and digitalisation of traditional businesses that still do not operate online.

Requirements: candidates who wish to acquire the knowledge and skills to tackle the internet and launch new digital business models, whether it is in their own company or as a director.

Total Fee: 5.800 € College credit: Equivalent to 60 ECTS credits Dates: November 2014 Methodology: Online Duration: 12 months
It is necessary to have a university degree and work experience to be accepted into the programme. Work experience is most valued because it is important to share in the knowledge – gained from training and professional responsibility – which each participant contributes to the particular situations set out by the professor. In the event that someone does not have the abovementioned requirements, acceptance into the programme will be decided on by the Board. The people who pass the programme evaluation and comply with the academic requirements, established by the University of Barcelona (UB), will receive a UB qualification. All those who pass the evaluation will receive an EAE Business School qualification. In order to obtain a UB qualification, you need to have a University Degree (Engineer’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree for four years or Bachelor’s Degree for three years). If you do not have a University Degree, once you have passed the different evaluations you will receive an extension diploma from UB.
The Master in International Business, structured into two different postgraduate modules – International Business Management and International Trade Management – is designed to train professionals to know how to cope in international markets, to tackle new markets, to design a strategic international plan and to manage companies that operate outside of the local markets or are in the process of internationalisation. Objectives Obtain the keys to success as an entrepreneur and know how to develop new businesses in international contexts. Understand the pertinent economic-financial indicators and the applicable models in terms of decision-making. Identify the characteristic variables of cultural diversity and manage ethical institutional agreements. Anticipate the needs of the international client and develop savvy global marketing strategies. Plan international business growth strategies. All this along with the guarantee of Online Methodology of OBS, registered in the Intellectual Property Registry, and coupled with teaching staff linked to companies and organisations that operate internationally. DOING BUSINESS SEMINAR By means of a series of specific webinars that highlight the keys of business abroad we wil go into and study the keys of internationalization : Doing Business with the USA (Kean University), Doing Business with South America (TEC), Doing Business with Europe (MBS) and Doing Business with Asia.
The Master in International Business is structured into two different postgraduate modules – Postgraduate in International Business Management and Postgraduate in International Trade Management. Postgraduate in International Business Management Global entrepreneurship and new initiatives Key to success of the entrepreneur Development of initiatives of new ventures Evaluation of an entrepreneurial project International finance management Economic and financial function of the company Selection of investments and financing Analysis of international finances Intercultural Management & Ethics Cross-cultural management Management of diversity Ethical management of business International Marketing Marketing principles International marketing Internationalisation of products and services Strategic planning and management Strategic planning Strategic management Strategies for internationalisation Postgraduate in International Trade Management Integration and international economic environment Economic analysis tools Opportunities and challenges of globalisation Internationalisation of business Internet and international trade E-Business Information systems for trade management Web communications Trade negotiation Negotiation techniques Trade negotiation International negotiation Global trade management International recruitment, insurance and guarantees in foreign sales International incoterms, logistics and transport International trade network Tax and customs management Regulatory institutions and organisations Tax management Customs management FINAL PROJECT OF THE MASTER PROGRAMME   DOING BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES Online Business School’s Doing Business Programme aims to put the student in touch wth professionals and experts from prestigious universities such as Kean University, Universidad Tecnológico de Monterrey, Manchester Business School and Shanghai University. Held online, these seminars analyse practical cases regarding the socio-cultural and economical aspects of countries with great economic potential, focusing on the necessary information and tools needed in order to develop business in zones such as the U.S.A., Latin America or Asia.
Temática: masters empresas y masters internacional. Etiquetas: Máster negocios internacionales. Tipo: Máster. Modalidad: Online. País: España. Estado: Cursos disponibles.

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Online Business School

Online Business School

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